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The Support Your Child Needs After a Divorce

Both parents are required to financially support their children, but only one parent will have to make a payment on a monthly basis following a divorce. A child support order dictates which parent pays support and other expenses, such as who will provide health insurance for the children and who will pay for child care. Child support must be paid as money from one parent to another (i.e., you can't pay your child's other parent's car note and call it child support. The court will consider this to be a very nice gift and your child support obligation will remain unpaid).

Tennessee’s Child Support Guidelines

Courts use the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines worksheet to determine the amount of child support. It considers each parent’s income, the amount of time spent with each parent, and expenses, such as health insurance and child care. Child support usually ends when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later. The Court may deviate from the basic child support obligation for only a few reasons, and in our experience will only rarely deviate downward to a lower child support obligation.

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Harrington Law, PLLC is here to help you with all your child support issues. We make it a priority to ensure only the most accurate and thorough information is used when calculating payments. We will request all relevant supporting documentation from you as well as the other party.

Child Support Legal Issues

In some cases, a parent who has been ordered to pay child support fails to provide the support as ordered. In these cases, various types of enforcement could be initiated. Initially a contempt of court petition is filed against the parent who has not met his or her obligations as ordered by the court. A parent who fails to support their children is not treated kindly by the Tennessee legal system and may face jail time if it continues. If you are not receiving your court-ordered child support payments, we can assist you to put legal pressure on the other parent. The overdue support may be collected through income withholding, withholding tax refunds, seizing bank accounts, or other enforcement actions. 

How Much Child Support Should I Expect?

Under the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, the amount one parent pays the other will be based on a formula, called an “income shares model.” We are very familiar with the guidelines, which were updated by state leaders in 2021. If you have questions and need legal help, we invite you to reach out to us.

Modifications of an Existing Child Support Order

Over time, a child may need more financial support, such as in cases of illness or to meet their educational needs. The other parent may have taken a higher paying job and could afford to contribute more to the wellbeing and health of a child. The child support can be modified in these cases, which will require presenting supporting information to prove to the court that a significant change in circumstances requires a modification. With years of experience in child support and family law, you can trust that this important matter will be addressed professionally, with assistance from a lawyer who genuinely cares about you, your children, and your wellbeing.

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