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Every Divorce Is Different

At Harrington Law, PLLC, we recognize that all marriages are comprised of two individuals with different perspectives, values, attitudes, beliefs, and backgrounds. The divorce process will unfold differently for each and every couple, especially when children are involved. Sometimes collaborative divorce or a negotiated settlement just won’t work for a family and going to court will be necessary. We’ll guide you every step of the way, working as a team to confront any possible issues.

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In some cases, a relationship breakup is so emotional and acrimonious that the two former partners have no hope of resolving the critical matters of the divorce amicably. These cases often hinge on the issues of child custody, child support, who will keep the family home, and other matters associated with the division of property. In some cases, a divorce that looks to be headed to trial can be resolved, and in others this is simply impossible. While we strive to help couples come to an agreement outside of court, if a divorce must go to court for resolution, you can trust in our experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

Critical Issues in a Litigated Divorce 

When the court must step in to resolve the matters in a divorce, all the issues will be fully reviewed and evaluated. The critical matters include:

  • Alimony: If one marriage partner does not want to pay spousal support, and an agreement can’t be reached, the court will review the financial information of both parties and make a decision regarding who gets spousal support and how much. 
  • Temporary Spousal Support: When a divorce is pending, it may be necessary to seek temporary support. This will allow the other partner to continue with the same quality of life they had prior to the relationship breakup. 
  • Property Division: The marital property of the two parties must be divided fairly, as well as all outstanding liabilities. A full accounting of all assets, including marital property, the home, vehicles, furniture, and other items must be valued, along with money in bank accounts, stock accounts, pension accounts, and valuables that were gained during the years of the marriage.
  • Debts: The debts of the two former partners must be split fairly during this process. 
  • Child Support: Taking into consideration how much time children spend with each parent, and the income of each parent, child support will be ordered by the court.
  • Parenting Time: If the two parents do not reach an agreement on where the children will live, the court will make a decision, which will be based on statutory factors under Tennessee law. The court will want both parents to be actively involved in raising children, but that does not always mean equal time with the children, and under some circumstances, such as domestic abuse, child abuse, alcoholism, drug use, or incarceration, the decision may lead to one parent parenting the child(ren) a large majority of the time and the other's parenting time being limited or possibly supervised.

We can help you with all issues related to your divorce that may arise during litigation or afterwards when modifications are needed to parenting plans, child support, and/or alimony. 

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