However you decide to create or build your family through adoption, it’s imperative to have an attorney who not only offers a solid understanding of current laws, but also possesses a particular sensitivity and empathy during the process.

If you are considering adoption, call Harrington Law. We are your best advocate for the following types of adoptions and more.

Stepparent adoptions: Stepparent adoptions are common when a custodial parent remarries and the new spouse wants to adopt the children from the previous marriage. Perhaps the other parent is deceased or is absent from the children’s lives, and the stepparent wants to take on all the legal rights and responsibilities of legal parenthood.

Second parent adoptions: A second-parent adoption occurs when the first parent voluntarily desires their partner to become the legal parent of their biological or adoptive child. They may be a married couple or they may be unmarried. In recent years, many non-biological mothers have relied upon a statute that legitimates a child born via intra-uterine insemination to married parents when their spouse is the biological mother. However, it is much safer for several reasons for the non-biological mother of the child to legally adopt. I am happy to review those reasons with you.

Grandparent adoptions: Under Tennessee law, grandparents may adopt a grandchild if the child’s parents agree or if parental rights have been terminated or need to be. Grandparents often pursue adoption in situations where the child’s parent is in trouble with the law or is financially unable to provide for the child, or is not adequately providing the child with sufficient care.

Independent private adoptions: A private adoption is when a parent voluntarily agrees to give up parental rights to a person or a couple who wish to adopt a child. Our law office is available to provide legal advice and guidance to either the birth mother or the adopting parents.